The Bullhorn's Introduction Guide to the 2023 Mayoral Primary Elections

Here's how you can learn about voting during the primary elections!

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Primary elections in Pennsylvania are held on the third Tuesday of May, this year being May 16, 2023

In Pennsylvania, you can only vote for the candidates in the same political party you have named in your voter registration. For example, if you registered to vote as a member of the Republican Party then you can vote in the Republican primary, but not the Democratic primary.

What are the Primaries

In a primary election, each political party selects its candidates to run for office during the general election. The candidates who get the highest number of votes in the primary election go on to run in the general election . Voters also vote for their party’s officers during a primary election.
All voters can vote on:

  • constitutional amendments

  • ballot questions

  • any special election contests held at the same time as a primary election.

Source: PA Vote

Democratic Candidates

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Republican Candidates

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Amen Brown

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: Former House Representative

• Investing in programs that provide youth services, community engagement, mental health care, housing support, job access and placement, and drug addiction treatment are important to prevent crime.
• Partnering with big businesses to provide free technical skill training could help people from low-income areas find employment.
• Public-private partnerships could be used to build mixed-income housing, and learn from other cities' experiences.
• Fighting to address existing inequities within the school system and securing funding for education will be a priority, including paying teachers fairly and providing them with adequate training and resources.

Jeff Brown

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: Owner of several ShopRite & Fresh Grocer locations

• Long-standing generational poverty and lack of economic opportunity is a major challenge for Philadelphia, which requires innovative solutions and leadership.
• Gun violence and violent crime is a significant issue in Philadelphia, and new approaches and fresh ideas are needed to address it.
• Supporting small businesses and minority entrepreneurs is essential for improving conditions in Philadelphia.
• Lack of equity in the public school system is one of the most critical issues facing the city.
• Returning citizens need to be given opportunities to become full participants in society, with the ability to find family-sustaining employment and prevent issues of recidivism.

James DeLeon

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: Philadelphia Municipal Judge (1984-2021)

• Students selected from each high school through the city as Youth Ambassador(s) to provide input on gun violence, education, economy, health (mental and physical), housing, Criminal Justice Reform, and municipal services issues• Solutions-based Citywide Listening Sessions with families and communities impacted by gun violence and solutions-based sessions with departmental heads, front-line managers, and staff throughout city government to assess resources and training needs and address services deliverability issues• Wants to add 1,500 police officers to the Philadelphia Police Force

Allan Domb

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: At-large City Councilmember (2016–2022)

• The entire platform is focused on supporting Philadelphia's workers, residents, and job creators, with the aim of reducing the crime and sense of lawlessness that has affected many neighborhoods. The focus is on making the city safer, reducing poverty, and creating good-paying jobs for working people and their families.
• Allen Domb supported legislation for a fair workweek, higher minimum wages, and living wages.
• He has never been endorsed by the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO or been a dues-paying member of a union and supports the right of all workers to form and join a union and engage in collective bargaining.

Derek Green

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: At-large City Councilmember (2016–2022)

• The creation of the first-ever Gun Violence Suppression Division, which will consist of prosecutors and both city and federal agents to reduce homicides by 25% in year one of the administration.
• The appointment of 1,000 new police officers to ensure the Police Department operates at its full capacity of 6,400 and promoting 100 new detectives exclusively assigned to the Gun Violence Suppression Division.
• The opportunity to revitalize Focused Deterrence and expand "The Choice is Yours" programs from their size and scope under previous administrations to city-wide programs, and engaging labor, institutions, and the business community to support public safety initiatives.

Helen Gym

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: At-large City Councilmember (2016–2022)

• Led a 17-year movement to end the state takeover of our public schools
• Restoring nurses, counselors, social workers, arts & music programs, and clean water to every public school
• Shut down abusive youth residential facilities like Glen Mills and helped lead on statewide reform of juvenile justice policies
• Campaigned for and won free public transit for children
• Defined new rights for trans and non-binary youth
• Led the first reform of the 10-year tax abatement, so it works better for school kids and our city
• Established legal defense funds for tenants facing eviction and immigrants facing deportation

Cherelle Parker

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: At-large City Councilmember (2016–2022) and State representative for the 200th district (2005–2015)

• Partnered with Community College of Philadelphia to establish the small business training program, Power Up Your Business.
Championed home fixes to help stabilize neighborhoods through the Restore, Repair, Renew program, which helps homeowners access low-interest home improvement loans.
• Credited with increasing the Realty Transfer Tax by .1 percent to borrow $100 million in bonds to eliminate backlog within income-based home repair programs.
• Sought to protect neighborhoods from effects of development by creating a bill that requires developers to complete a Project Information Form to let neighbors know about the environmental and other impacts of their proposed projects in communities.

Maria Quiñones Sanchez

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: City Councilmember for the 7th district (2008–2022)

• Wants to stop the cycle of incarceration by connecting returning citizens with opportunities for training and jobs.• As Mayor, she will set a bold agenda, using innovative strategies and diverse partnerships to drastically increase our affordable housing stock and ensure equitable development in our neighborhoods.• She will continue to expand curricula and develop Philadelphia’s own bilingual school designation, including language accessibility and celebrating the history, heroes, and values of SDP students’ diverse cultural backgrounds.• Maria will push for expanded school meal services, piloting expanded programs to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Rebecca Rhynhart

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: City Controller (2018–2022)

• Wants the Philadelphia Free Library and Parks and Recreation Departments to provide and implement safe havens and youth engagement programsDeclare a citywide emergency by activating the emergency operations center for the gun violence crisis by signing an executive order directing operating departments to coordinate their resources and services for the 14 zip codes experiencing the highest levels of gun violence.Wants to implement community-first policing, restructure the Police Advisory Commission, analyze data collection and analysis, and work on other recommendations from the audit to revamp policing and build trust in the communities served, so residents feel safe in their neighborhoods no matter where they live.

Warren Bloom

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Background: Pastor

• Activism skills advanced through working with civil rights champions and attending meetings and peaceful protests.
• Is passionate about fighting for strong public schools, fair and competitive wages, workers' rights, women's health rights, and environmental excellence, among other issues.
• Has achievements in battling for economic, housing, and racial justice, supporting student rights and ending failing schools, and unions and workers' rights.
• Mentored former colleagues within and outside the organizations served.
•Battled against unfair city tax problems, eviction processes, and discrimination against Black artisans in the workers' rights movement.

David Oh

Party Affiliation: Republican

Background: Former At-large Philadelphia City Councilmember (2012-2023)

• Wants to enforce regular patrolling and a visible presence from courteous, well-trained and
responsive law enforcement personnel with a focus on crime “hot spots”
• Plans on inviting entrepreneurs and business owners to bring their services and products to Philadelphia, including those associated with the global economy
• Focus on operating city agencies as public services that are service oriented and create a confidence in Philadelphia residents that they are receiving proper government services
• Wants parents to have a voice when it comes to their children’s education

Find A Polling Locations

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 28Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition Mayoral Forum (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
Sunday, March 26City Council At-Large People's Forum (3:00 – 5:00 pm)
Tuesday, April 7Climate and Environment Mayoral Forum Sign up with this link!
Saturday, April 152023 Candidates & Elected Officials Listening Session (3:30 - 9:00)
Wednesday, April 12⋅Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition Mayoral Debate (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
Tuesday, May 9The last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot! You must be a registered voter Click here to apply for a mail-in/absentee ballot Click here to view your registration status
Tuesday, May 16The Primary Elections

Countdown To Primaries!

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